In the large, land house about 500 years old in the old part
  of Trzin neatest main road is located Guest house Narobe.

  Is an guest house with un tipical arhitecture with black
  kitchen  with brick and arches.
  Guest house Narobe is nown from food with the taste like a
  food made 150 year behind. Food is prepared in an old way
  in furnace or on open fire.

  Ower recepys go  from genaration to generation. We made
  in ower restorant food like before 150 year. We preserved
  tradicional food of the furman guesthouses like goulash,
  tripe, veal and porc roast...

  but you can order other "spoon food" like segdin goulash,
  pot barley soup, "sarma" , buckwheat "žganci", broth or
  filled paprika.

  We serve you with aromated homemade bread. The bread
  made with black flour, with granary bread, onion bread op
  corn bread.

  Ower restorant was beatwean frsts in Slovenia with a hors
  meat on menu and the first with menu for vegetarian.

  Moast part of menu is adated for a season. In the winter we
  serve you with homemade porc specalites like bloodysosage
  or porc grill sosage with cabbage or turnip.

  In spring we prepare you specialites from a season

  We have wide pallet of fish food in ower menu. We serve
  you in ower fish restaurant. If you wish a fresh fish from
  adriatic, clamps, shrimps, every  type of risotto, pasta or
  other sea food you are in the write place.
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  We have a ordinated winery where we stored wine of all tre
  moast importand region of Slovenia.
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  For high capacity we can recive up to 170 guests. We can organize for you weding celebrations, birthday celebrations,
baptism celebrations, buisnes meatings, school reunions...




  Hrano v notranjosti strežemo v več sobah, ki jih imenujemo takole:

  Kamrca se nahaja poleg črne
  kuhinje. Premore 11 sedežev.


  je soba z 4O do 50 sedišči in se v povezavi s kamrico poveča na 60.




  To sobo tako imenujemo, ker je malce poglobljena v tla v njej lahko
  praznuje do 30 ljudi.






  V sobi z lovskimi trofejami je prostora za 40 ljudi.





  V poletnih mesecih pa vam bo v poseben užitek    
  posedeti na našem vrtu.

  Pridite. Pri nas ste dobrodošli.


OPEN monday to friday
 beatween 10.00AM
and 10.00PM
saturday, sunday and holidays
beatween 12.00AM
and 10.00PM

  free wirerless internet

  Parking place and WC 
  is adapted for invalides.
  Large parking space.
  Home pets is alowed.
  Not alowed tigers, pumas or
  other dangeres animals.
   baby cher
  For payment you can use
  next credit cards:
  Eurocard Mastercard
  American expres
  or cash.